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Conrad F
Final Stop I would never go anywhere else to have a massage. Rick is great. I have been seeing him for a few years now for chronic back and leg pain. He does a great job and I am glad to be one of his clients.
Rick Both Rick or Troy do a fantastic massage, I do a lot of running and they both know how get ride of the soreness after the run. The have helped with training issues that have arrived from over training or not enough training. They Are very professional. I highly recommend them.
Massage Both Rick and Troy are very professional. There facilities are very clean and one feels comfortable. There massage excellent, they know what needs work and give helpful ways to improve areas worked on.
brenda withnod
troy Review of Troy Spurgeon with over 40 years of bad behavior, and attendant chronic pain, i believe i've finally found somebody that understands how to heal with their hands AND provide lasting pain relief. from the moment i walk in until my appointment is over, troy is completely focused on what hurts. this is not a relaxing massage, this is work and yes, virginia, it hurts. to feel pieces and parts that have been dormant and dense, moving again is remarkable.
Sean N
Over and over, again For over 5 years Troy has helped get my body back in sync when nothing else would work. He works tirelessly to find out what is out of place and what should be done to stop the pain. His work goes beyond the massage table to help me find the best way to feel great. After 15 years of body work from other professionals, Troy is, hands down, the best I have every had. Over and over, again, he finds my problem areas, works them out, and leaves me in a much better place!
Sarah BD
Amazing Back when Touch Chi was in the old railroad building, and they were first starting out, I had the pleasure of getting several massages by Troy. Shortly afterward they opened I moved away, but often wished they were closer to me so I could get the five-star treatment they had provided me (I literally dreamt about the day I could have another massage by Troy). I felt that Troy got to know my body's aches and pains before working with me to better meet my needs.I always felt rejuvenated when I left, and each time, as I prepared to leave, he would give me another tip about how to treat my body better- no purses, flat shoes, etc. Tips I continue to follow today. Troy and Rick truly do care about each client as a person, and provide a wealth of knowledge combined with amazing massage to meet each client's need. I would highly recommend TouchChi Advanced Bodywork and Massage.